1. Installing the LiDAR

  • Select Select  Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge (COM3) on the dropdown menu "Serial port for LIDAR"

  • Save

If the serial port for LiDAR is empty, you need to install the LiDAR drivers:

Note - Make sure to use a USB cable that is fully wired for both power and data. Some cheaper "charge only" cables won't work.

2. Drawing the shelf

We will use this shelf as an example, with 6 products - The LiDAR is installed on top right, 2cm forward the shelfs so the detection is not blocked.

  • Open the Lidar Setup section

This section is split in two parts - On the left, you will see a visualization of the LiDAR detection and the shelfs. On the right, the setup for each shelf and for the LiDAR.

  • First, use the "add section" button 
  • Name it base on the product that will be present on that shelf - Here, "Product E"
  • Measure the dimension of the corresponding shelf:

  • Enter the dimensions - All the measurements will be in relation to the same origin point, in millimeters. Everything will relate to that 0x0 point, even the LIDAR:

  • In this exemple, Product E start at 0cm on the left and at the bottom, as a lenght of 92cm (920mm) and a hight of 34.5cm (345mm)
  • Repeat this process until all the shelfs are drawn
    • Note: You can split shelfs into different sections if you have different products present

3. Setting up the LiDAR

  • Measure the length and the height of where the LIDAR is placed:

  • Retranscript the measument in the LiDAR section:

  • Use "Lidar angle" to match the black arrow in the red dot to the arrow present on the LiDAR

3. Final calibration

  • Place two straigh objects to make the final adjustments (two metal rulers would be good) on the extremity of the product A and B compartments (as on the picture below)

You should see two detection where the rulers are sticking out 

  • Adjust the Lidar angle and the Lidar X and Lidar Y to align the green lines on the extremity of the products compartments.

For more details about the LiDAR API: https://vidicenter.quividi.com/vrmanual/rtapi.html#rtapi-pickup