VidiReports embeds a web server, used during installation and monitoring phases named Control Center.

There are two ways to access the Control Center :

  • You can right-click on the VidiReports icon in your system tray (next to time & date) and select "Control Center" if you are using VidiReports 7
  • You can type the address directly in your browser (we recommend Chrome)

Please be aware that you will see a warning from your browser explaining that the connection is not secure - this is because we use a self-signed certificate. You can safely disregard this message and proceed to the Control Center.

This web control interface is accessible at the following URL:

  • For VidiReports 7
    • Prefered URL under Windows or Linux: https://localhost:9443/.
      Note this is a secured connection. Chrome might display a security message when connecting over HTTPS. We use indeed a self-signed certificate. That is perfectly normal and even common among various devices with embedded web server (NAS, etc), as long as they provide an SSL version. You can safely disregard the "not secure" message and trust us - the access is to a local file.
    • Alternative, unsecured connection http://localhost:9080 (for some browsers such as Firefox)

The first time you'll launch that webserver, you'll be prompted for a login and password.

The default login is: admin

The default password is: secret

Vidireports Control Center

You can find below a list of the Control Center elements:

  • Instance information:

This section indicate on what network this box is attached, what version of Vidireports is installed, and when was the service started last

  • Support:

This section allows you to reach our support team, and send us the logs of an instance for troubleshooting

  • Permissions:

This section indicate the Box ID, which allows you to locate in Vidicenter:

You can also change the mode of Vidireports:

  • Audience Measurement is the default mode, which allow the detection of Faces, Footfall and Cars
  • Gates aggregates traffic counting from cameras above entrance and exit gates and compares it to an occupancy threshold. You can find more details here
  •  Proof of Play only send content data, ie Start and stop of contents played by a CMS - Nothing else is captured.
  • Gate - Xovis is used to connect to Xovis Cameras for monitoring traffic with Gates - This is explained in details in this article

Under the mode, you can see the permissions currently enabled on this instance by your license - For this instance, this camera is detecting Faces, Footfall, Dwell time and have the Real Time option enabled.

  • Configuration:

The last section allows you to configure your instance, and monitor the performances. You can chose what camera to use if more than one are connected, change the resolution, make sure that the FPS are above 8, add masks, change the configuration, force an upload and check the camera feed

Accessing Legacy Vidireports (VidiReports 6 and below)

 Note that the port number after the column might change if you have set them differently, or are running multiple instances of VidiReports on the same machine. 

Note that these credentials can (and should) be modified.