Quividi is seen by all industry observers as the global leader in the audience measurement for DOOH category because of a combination of unique elements:

  • tens of thousands of screens measured 24/7 across 80+ countries since 2016 (no other company comes close)
  • only company with a track record of large deployments, thanks to a no-config, no-calibration approach and field-tested robustness
  • hardware-agnostic solution working directly on digital signage players with any kind of camera and poor image quality (as opposed to lab experiments)
  • integration with 20+ CMS and hardware companies, providing advanced reporting per content, joint scenarios and easy deployments
  • 30B+ data points collected in VidiCenter, feeding a industry-unique benchmark
  • first to pionneer 1:few interactive scenarios, programmatic trading, AI-based content optimization
  • thought leader as organizer of renowned conferences and speaker in many conferences
  • excellent support and reactivity