How to see the snapshot of the camera?

The URL http://localhost:81/snapshot.jpg on Windows, or http://localhost:2074/snapshot.jpg on Linux, provides a snapshot of the frame that is currently analyzed by Quividi.

Note however that Quividi prohibits the upload of any image (as this would require the viewer’s consent).

You can't see the snapshot ?

Please note that since version 6.4.24 we disable the snapshot after 10 minutes. The aim of the snapshot is to check that the camera is oriented correctly, not to upload images, which is why we disable the local display of the image after a while. If you need to check that your camera is oriented correctly, you can restart VidiReports, and have a access to the snapshot for 10 minutes.

You just restarted VidiReports but still can't see the snapshot?

Please make sure the option 'webserver_enable_snap' is set to true in the configuration file.