VidiReports can deliver over a websocket port a live description of the audience, including their XY position, their attention state, their gender and age class. This is done in less than 0.2 seconds and requires the subscription to the Real Time API feature.

You’ll be able to either:

a. Use your CMS' own conditional play interface to define the content that will be triggered depending on the audience data that Quividi passes on in real time. You'll find the list of CMS which have integrated with Quividi here.

b. Develop the software interface that will capture the messages provided by VidiReports and turn them into actionable commands for the digital signage player software. We provide code samples for this and experience shows that this can be done in just a few days.

c. Ask Quividi to provide you with a VidiStudio-generated HTML5 content that can be played on any CMS player that accepts HTML5, and which will contain all of the interactive logic. A statement of work will be provided to you for your approval.