While similar in nature to PMP dashboards, Pop-up store dashboard aggregate data from different cameras to provide global insight on a store.


  • Store by-passers: Measure of foot traffic outside of the store (potential customers) - Use data from “outside camera” 
  • Store visits: Number of people that entered the store - Use data from the "entrance gate" cameras
  • Zone visits: Cumulated traffic of all measured area within the store - Use data from the "internal zone" cameras
  • Product picks: Number of time a hand has touched a product - use data from the "shelf" cameras & Lidar
  • Estimated product sales: Number of product touches that were not followed by a put back in the same position within 10 seconds - which is assumed to be a product sale. 

Differences between ratios

Camera types

Each store is measured via several cameras, each tagged to represent the data collected:

  • "outside camera”: Cameras looking outside of the store to measure foot traffic and potential customers
  • "entrance gate": Cameras looking down on the store entrance and counting entries and exits (see this article for Vidigates setup)
  • "shelf": Cameras & Lidar installed on shelfs to measure products picks
  • "internal zone" : Cameras installed within the store to measure the traffic in specific areas - See the chart below.

Zone Analysis:

Chart showing the number of visits in each zone, and the average dwell time (how long visitors stayed on average).