- POI by-passers: Measure of foot traffic in front of the Point of Interest (POI)

- Visitors with 5+ sec dwell : People that stayed in the field of view of the POI for at least 5 seconds

- Visitors with 5+ sec attention: People that faced the POI for at least 5 seconds 

- Product picks : Number of time a hand has touched a product

- Estimated product sale: Number of product touches that were not followed by a put back in the same position within 10 seconds - which is assumed to be a product sale.

PMP Dashboard KPIs:

You can use two ways to analyse ratios:

- POI by-passers ratios are comparing any KPI to the POI by-passers

- Step by step ratios are comparing each KPI with the one just above in the funnel

A low ratio is a indicator

A high relative product pick ratio show