With the introduction of Footfall, You can now add new charts to your dashboards: 

However, depending on your license, some charts will be calculated differently - You can find below all 3 possibilities.

  • Your locations run Core or Pro, but not footfall: You have the legacy OTS, with Dwell and Attention coming from Watchers. The Footfall dashboard pages will be empty

  • Your locations run Core/Pro, and Footfall: OTS comes from Footfall (so numbers in the Footfall and OTS charts will be the same), Dwell and Attention come from the Watchers, and Footfall also delivers Presence time. Whereas Dwell/Attention delivers the time a face was present in the camera view, presence provides the time a body was present and is generally higher.

  • Last case, your locations have only Footfall: Legacy OTS are not converted and will be empty – Only the Footfall dashboards will be populated with impressions and presence time.

You can find more details on our Glossary