Quividi have released a new Vidireports feature for its Audience Measurement Platform: Vehicles

Vehicles is a real-time car traffic counter that can be deployed in a variety of situations: streets, car park, motorways...

1. Vehicles Features

- Real-Time vehicle detection

- Presence time

- Type and color of vehicles - Our system can differentiate between Buses, trucks, cars and vans. Bikes are currently not supported.

- Highly precise audience per content reports

- Converted Impressions based on vehicles types: we can use government ‘passenger per vehicle’ statistics in each city for the conversion (eg 1.9 persons per car, 7 per bus, etc) 

You can find below the default values for each vehicles type:

Car: 1.30 impressions

Truck: 2.00 impressions 

Van: 2.90 impressions 

Bus: 7.00 impressions 

2. Accuracy Levels 

- Detection distance: up to 200m

- Vehicle detection accuracy: 98% daytime, 92% nighttime

- Vehicle type classification accuracy: 90%

3. Specifications 

We recommend an Intel I5 or I7 CPU from 8th generation onward (CPU model number should start by 8, 9 or 10: i7-9xxx or i5-9xxx), with the usual 8GB RAM.

This solution can be tested with a normal USB camera, but for deployments we recommend a weather proof IP camera (IP66 Enclosure or morewith a varifocal lens that can be adjusted - This will allow you to choose zoom and focus depending on installation and prevent auto focus fuzziness - We would also recommend a camera that perform well in low light conditions. Testing with a Vivotek ib9360h has been successful. 

If you are interested in testing this new feature, please contact help@quividi.com.