The 7.3.2 release of VidiReports is designed to be mask-tolerant - The usual face detector is now paired with a new one, specific for the detection of faces with nose and mouth occluded by mask. 

Masked faces are excluded from demographic classification, thus avoiding aberrations.

In order to enable this feature, your boxes need to have at least the 7.3.2 version - You can manage your upgrade from the VRC applied on your network, as explained here

Upon upgrading to this version, the following will apply:

- People wearing mask will now be detected much more reliably 

- Watchers number will improve, are mask-bearers are being detected

- OTS will stay the same, since OTS is based on pixel movement and thus, is not impacted by mask

- Gender and age cannot be accurately classified if peoples are wearing mask, so they will generally appear in the masked / Unknown category on all the charts supporting this option, like so:

How to trigger a message if someone doesn't wear a mask

Mask presence is also reported via WebSocket and to VidiCenter. The Watcher Events message type now includes a "has_mask" field that can be used in such scenarios by CMS and 3rd party applications.     

For more details, please check the Websockeet Protocol documentation.