VidiReports supports grabbing from a network stream, such as those provided by most IP cameras on the market.

Supported codec/stream type combinations are:

• MJPG over HTTP

• h264 over RTSP

In all cases the only configuration item that has to be set is the stream’s URI. In your instance’s card in the Control

Center, select the “IP camera” camera type. A text input should appear, where you can type in the URL.

An HTTP stream will typically have the following form:

http://<camera IP address>:<port>/path/to/stream.mjpg

For instance:

RTSP streams have their own URI protocol and look like:

rtsp://<camera IP address>:<port>/path/to/stream.sdp

For instance for a Vivotek camera (correctly configured):



  • As usual you can encode a username and password directly in the URI if you have set up your camera to only accept authenticated connections. For instance rtsp://username:password@ - Please not that an URL without a login/password combo will not be supported (ie rtsp://username:@ or rtsp://:password@)
  • Sometime, the TCP need to be forced - If the RTSP link doesn't work, replace "rtsp" by "rtspt" in the URL

The path and port are generally configurable in your camera’s settings application, as are the codecs and available stream types. Please refer to your camera’s user manual for details.

The capture resolution is also configured at the camera level, not in VidiReports.

Note: Some manufacturers provide an embedded HTML application that uses a plugin to display the camera’s stream in your browser. This is generally NOT the right URI to enter. You need the URL for the raw stream