VidiReports 7 features a new modular and more robust architecture, providing better performance, ease-of-use, flexibility, as well as future-compatibility with third parties.

Here's an overview of the main benefits to an upgrade:

 Remote Upgrade

VidiReports 7’s new architecture permits for pushing upgrades of VidiReports using VidiCenter's web interface. You’ll now always have the latest version available, one click away. This eliminates the time it used to take to manually update computers using remote management software and makes it possible to finely control which version runs where.

 Run as OS Service

VidiReports 7 can be configured to automatically run as a service on Windows or Linux, which means it starts up automatically and runs reliably without having to do special configuration on the operating system. VidiReports 7 can be launched even without a remote configuration in limited mode (e.g. for demonstrations).

 Remote Licensing

VidiReports 7 makes now possible to configure licensing parameters in VidiCenter instead of having to deal with a license file. This eliminates a source of common licensing issues typically encountered during new deployments.

 On-Demand Features

VidiReports 7 permits to activate features using the new remote licensing system. Special algorithms can be enabled, on any wanted locations, for a set scheduled period, for instance for a campaign.

 New Web Control Center

VidiReports 7’s web control center has an upgraded look and feel and is easier to use than its predecessor.

 New Hardware Platforms

VidiReports 7, with its new architecture and speed improvements, will be available on non-PC hardware platforms in future releases.

 Speed Improvements

VidiReports 7’s new architecture has boosted performance up to 50% in preliminary tests, which may enable some older machines to run newer features. Individual results may vary.

 Expandable Hub

VidiReports 7 is designed to integrate 3rd party algorithms and become a hub for collecting field data. Expect new uses to develop beyond attention measurement.