We discovered that the Windows Update 1909 can, in some instances that we cannot yet identify nor reproduce, delete the Vidireports configuration folder that contain the boxID. Following a restart, Vidireports will create a new BoxID, removing the previous instance on the computer and creating a new location in your Network, usually on the Vidireports site.

  • If you had two instances of Vidireports (double-faced totem), only one will be re-created. The second one will need to be added again manually
  • The new box will be created "by default" and lose all previous settings (resolution, broadsign setups, masks...) - They will need to be re-entered manually.
  • Your existing location will stop receiving data, since the old box has been replaced on the pc by the new instance anymore.

In order to limit the amount of data being lost, you will need to move the newly created box to the old location to resume the collection of data. You can follow instructions here to move a box.

We released a new version of Vidireports (Version that create an automatic backup to mitigate this issue, and recommend that our customers upgrade to that version before installing the windows 1909 update

On Windows the backup files are stored in C:\ProgramData\Quividi\backups 

On Linux they’re in a subdirectory of the cache directory. 

If you are planning to upgrade your park to windows 1909, to avoid disruption first upgrade your location to then try on a small sample of machines and monitor the behavior of your network - Take a note of the current boxIDs on the control center (http://localhost:9080/ or https://localhost:9443/ - login: "admin", password: "secret" by default) 

If this number have changed after the 1909 upgrade, please contact us so we can assist you at help@quividi.com