QUIDs are a currency used to buy Quividi products.

You can buy several QUIDs at some point in the year, and choose to convert them at different times during the year.

The interest of doing that is double :

  • it allows you to get a discount on volume, even if you don't have the need to spend all your QUIDs at the time you buy them
  • it makes the delivery of Quividi products faster, since there is no need to go through the Quote / Purchase Order / Invoice process every time you would like a new product.
    You can just write to us and say "Please convert x QUIDs into these products" and we will deliver on the same day.

How to spend QUIDs ?

Once you have QUIDs, they are stored in your account in our clients database.

At any time, you can decide to convert these QUIDs into Quividi products (VidiCenter user accounts, VidiReports licenses, adding Real Time API...) by sending an email to

For a complete description, please refer to the QUID Catalog.

To begin with, in order to be able to use any of our products, you need to have a VidiCenter user account.

A VidiCenter user account costs 1 QUID, and comes with a VidiCenter network, in which all your data will be stored. 

Once you have a VidiCenter user account, you can decide to buy licenses or add user accounts, following this pricing :

  • VidiReports Pro for 1 camera : 0.5 QUIDs
    Gender, Age (child / young / adult / senior), Dwell, Attention, Distance to the screen
  • VidiReports Expert : add 0.25 QUIDs
    Expert age, Mood (Very unhappy / unhappy / neutral / happy / very happy), Facial Features (Glasses / Sunglasses / Beard / Mustache)
  • Real Time API : add 0.25 QUIDs
    The Real Time API allows to use real time data about the audience. You need the real time API if you plan on doing interactive contents.
  • 1 user account : 1 QUID
    A user account is 1 login to VidiCenter. You can specify the kind of usage rights this user has (Visitor / Analyst / Manager)
  • 1 Network : 1 QUID (or free for every new user account)
    A network is an object in VidiCenter that allows you to organize your locations in one entity.
    The access to data is given at the network level, so if you want to have a user that only has access to part of your locations, you should request a new network in which you will place all the locations you want to allow your user to see. 

Here is a drawing of how this works :

What information do you need to specify ?

Please copy paste the necessary items in the following list and fill in the missing information when you ask us to deliver the following products :

Existing user account

  • Price : 1 QUID
  • username : .....

New user account

  • Price : 1 QUID
  • username : will follow the syntax [company]_[lastname]
  • Contact : First name, Last name, Email address, Company
  • Permissions* : Manager / Analyst / Visitor 
  • Which networks should this user have access to : .....

Existing network 

  • Price : 1 QUID / 0 QUID (if it comes with a user account)
  • name of the network : .....

New network

  • Price : 1 QUID / 0 QUID (if it comes with a user account)
  • name of the network : .....
  • which users should have access to this network : .....
  • contact for this network : First Name, Last Name, email address

License for VidiReports

  • Price : 0.25 - 0.5 - 0.75 - 1 QUID
  • Quantity : .....
  • Mode : Pro / Expert
  • Real Time API : Yes / No
  • Start date : .....
  • End date : .....
  • username : [user who owns the license]
  • Network name** : ...
  • License or Remote Configuration*** ?
  • in case of Renewal : Renew from License xxx / Remote configuration xxx

* Manager : can organize the network, create dashbords and export data / Analyst : can create dashboards / Visitor : can only see the dashboard shared with them

** By default, every VidiReports license or Configuration is associated to a network. When a new location runs using this license or configuration, it will automatically appear in this network. It can be moved afterwards.

*** License is for VidiReports 6, Remote Configuration for VidiReports 7 - if this is indifferent to you, we highly recommend using Remote Configurations as they make the installation easier.

Note : if you are using VidiReports 7 and have already installed it on different computers, you can specify on which computers you want to apply this Remote configuration

Please send this request to


You have a new customer and would like to measure 3 screens in his store.

You would like your customer to have a VidiCenter access in order for him to see his data.

Here is a complete request :


I would like to spend 3.25 QUIDs for the following : 

New user account

  • Price : 1 QUID
  • username : acme
  • Contact : John Doe (
  • Permissions : Manager
  • Which networks should this user have access to : ACME Corporation

New network

  • Price : 0 QUID (comes with a user account)
  • name of the network : ACME Corporation
  • which users should have access to this network : myusername, acme
  • contact for this network : John Doe (

License for VidiReports

  • Price : 0.75 QUIDs
  • Quantity : 3
  • Mode : Expert
  • Real Time API : No
  • Start date : 03/04/2019
  • End date : 03/04/2020
  • username : acme
  • Network name : ACME Corporation
  • Remote Configuration