Quividi VidiReports HTML5 Demo

VidiReports is Quividi's main software. It combines:

  • Scene Analysis, to estimate the Opportunities To See
  • Face Detection, to count the watchers, ie those whose face was exposed to the measured point of interest
  • Face Tracking, to measure the attention time of those watchers and the more global dwell time which includes the moments when they were looking away
  • Face Qualification, to estimate the gender, the age, the face features (such as beard or glasses) and the mood of the watchers
  • Gate Crossing (also known as the "VidiGates" mode), to estimate the number of people who cross a virtual gate, when the camera is set on the ceiling

VidiReports comes in three Editions: Nano, Pro and Expert.

Download the product sheet in attachment, for more details on VidiReports.