The recommended height for the camera is 3 meters, avoid installing it lower than 2.5 meters.

What’s important to do when setting up a VidiGates instance is:

  • Make sure the camera is aimed vertically towards the ground (no angle)
  • Avoid placing a gate in a place where groups of people might have to stand for a while under the camera
  • Adjust the width of the gates to the width of a human body seen from the camera (the default width that is proposed corresponds to 3m height)
  • Always leave enough space before and after the gate to allow detected people to walk one or 2 steps in the viewing field before crossing the gate, and after having crossed the gate
  • Remember that the camera viewing zone is included in a cone, don't expect to detect people walking on the borders of the image (only their feet can be seen)
  • If the height is greater than 3 meters, enter the exact height in the localhost:81/config.html page
  • Once the camera is installed, and the gate(s) are drawn open the control page localhost:81, and ask several people to cross the gate in both directions. Check that the numbers in the video are incremented as expected
  • If numbers don’t match, check if it’s an external cause (Lighting causing strong shadows, or Color of the ground reducing the contrast between people passing by and the ground, making it difficult to distinguish someone passing by) ,or, if by adjusting the position of the gate, or/and its width you get better results. Make corrections, and repeat steps 5 and 6 until you are satisfied by the results.
  • Take a serie of snapshots of the image in the control window, while people pass through the gate, in the case of a later investigation.